Friday, December 3, 2010

Five Question Friday

Hi!  I haven't done this in awhile and I've missed it.  Thank you, as always, to our host .

Since my last post, we've celebrated my daughter's 11th birthday with the family, I'm still rockin' the Christmas music and have done a TON of shopping.  You want to hear something scary?  OUR TREE IS UP ALREADY!!  We NEVER do it before mid-December nevermind BEFORE December 1.  Something about the Christmas spirit coming early this year (oh, and enjoying the holiday season without our usual last-minute nonsense).

1. What's on the top of your holiday wish list and why?!

Wow.  I'd really like an electric frying pan because I love to cook.  That's right.  I won't cry if someone buys me an appliance instead of something more personal.  I would embrace the gift (and the giftgiver!!).

I saw a recipe the other day that screamed "This would be a snap with an electric frying pan."  I can't for the life of me now remember what creation I was thinking of making for my family, but I will find something.  We eat very little fried food, but maybe I was thinking of making fried chicken (fried in oil set to a specific temperature in the new frying pan!) as a decadent meal?  Can't remember...

ANYWAY, at the TOP of my list would be gift certificates for clothing or shoes.  I really love to dress up.  Funky, chunky OR classic jewelry like necklaces, earrings and bracelets (especially homemade unique it!), a colorful top/sweater/vest and different types of skirts and pants.  

THEN, I would top it off with a great pair of shoes!  Mwah!!  I love all of the boots out this season.  I do have a pair of knock-off Ugg boots that I adore, but I could really go crazy in a shoe store if allowed to.  I particularly love high heels.  Unfortunately, my... ahem.."older" body does not.  However, I can get away with a short heel and do so as much as appropriate (in other words, not to the gym, but pretty much everywhere else.).  I try to do 3 1/2 inchers if I know I'll be seated most of the evening or whatever event I'm attending, but it's really painful.

Accessories?  Absolutely!  Handbags, scarves, belts, winter gloves or do I daresay a HAT!  I then match my makeup to whatever I'm wearing and I am ready to take on the day (the world?).  It makes me feel so good!  If it's a good hair day too, watch out!  I just might start dancing!!

Unfortunately, reality is, well not cold because I do have everything I NEED, but it does not pave the way for me to buy very many clothes/shoes for myself.  Insert: Christmas list!!

2What is your favorite Christmas gift from the past?  

I can think of a couple of things that I received when I was older, but my favorite gift of all time was the Treetots Family Treehouse and the Treetots Amusement Park!

OK, so I'm TOTALLY dating myself here, but I HAD to share this!  These were the BEST toys!  Growing up, Fisher Price toys were my favorites: the parking garage, the farm equipped with the door that opens and says, "Moo!", the dollhouse, etc.

The Treetots are Kenner toys but were very similar in that you could pretend play with people ("Treetots") in a treehouse that pops up to reveal their home or at an amusement park.  How FUN!!  They had other playsets, but these were the two that I had.

One of my best holiday memories was when I was playing with the Amusement Park on Christmas morning and my grandmother reminded me that I had a whole week off of school to PLAY!!  I can't describe the feeling I had after first opening these awesome toys and then knowing I could spend what seemed like endless time playing with them!!!  Over the MOON!!

3. If you had life to do over, what would you be when you grow up?

I have to say, I'm living my dream.  I feel extremely blessed that I can say that as so many people cannot.  I have a solid, loving marriage and four beautiful kids that I stay home with.

Ever since I was a kid, there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to be married-with-children.  I also wanted to be a physician, musician and later on, a therapist.  I did do an advanced degree in counseling and I will go back to the field when the time is right.  I still have the utmost respect for physicians and musicians, but I have everything I've ever wanted in life (OK, I did talk about wanting more clothes and shoes, but the really important stuff?  Got 'em.)

4. When do you put up your tree?

Normally, we wait until after my daughter's birthday (which was yesterday).  This was mostly for sanity's sake when she was younger.  We'd always have a party with some of her friends at the house.  One or more of us would usually come down with some bug or my husband would be out-of-town.  So, her birthday and executing the party were enough for the beginning of the month of December.

As she got older and the party got a little simpler as the guests became more self-sufficient, we STILL didn't put up our tree until after her birthday.  Even though her special day is in early December, we still wanted it to be separated from Christmas as much as possible.

This year, like I said up above, we are just ahead of the game.  We are NOT familiar with this concept, but it's VERY nice. The usual weekend we would do it before was around the 15th of December.  The tree went up last Sunday, NOVEMBER (!!!!!) 28!  It does need quite a bit more decorating, but oh my GOODNESS!  OUR tree (the family of last minutes and "one-more-things") was UP in NOVEMBER!!  Our neighbors must think that someone else moved into our house when they drive by and see the beautiful lights through the window.

5. What is your favorite Holiday?

I think I would have to say July 4th, but as I'm becoming more and more efficient (apparently) Christmas is moving up to the favorite.  I love the summer.  My kids and I get to spend so much time together, the weather is nice and we can play for hours and hours outside!

Having a holiday right in the middle of this wonderful season is so much fun!  We always have a cookout, my husband has the day off to spend with us and we NEVER miss the local fireworks!!  "Summertime and the livin' is easy" at its best.

I love the Christmas season with the music, the giving spirit, decorating, baking and as much snow as you can throw at us to make it even more magical.  (Yes, we live in the Northeast!)

However, for so much of my life, Christmas was SO stressful.  In college, I'd be finishing up exams right up until the end.  Then, I'd have to rush out and shop at the last minute (on a shoestring budget to boot).

As I got older, engaged and then married, we would have to travel to see both sets of parents.  Next, it was time to bring all of the kids on these trips!  I would not trade the visits and the time with all of the family for the WORLD, but logistics, weather, illnesses, time off of work for my husband made it tough sometimes!  It was always worth it in the end, though.

While you can't avoid the stress completely, you can certainly plan ahead and get more done gradually.  I'd better go.  One of my online orders came in today.  I must open it, wrap it and label it before another one comes in!  Gotta keep on top of all of this!!


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