Sunday, November 28, 2010

How's YOUR Swag(ger)?

Oh my goodness!  I just discovered a really fun way to earn money.  It's a search engine (like Google and others you know and love) that rewards you JUST FOR SURFING!  It's called Swagbucks.  You DO NOT have to use it exclusively for your only search engine either.  I don't plan to!

One of my wonderful followers, who also shares her incredible wealth of knowledge with other bloggers all of the time AND is one of my favorite bloggers to read has an extended post about how to use Swagbucks.  I'm a newbie, but I would encourage you to click on some of the ads at the right of my blog posts.  If you click on them and decide to join, I get a guessed it...more Swagbucks for me (and for you...just for joining!)

Here is her wonderful post.  She convinced me!

I'm already hooked!  The only thing that I am finding tough is my continuing to search for surveys I qualify for (and hence just one of the ways you can earn Swagbucks toward purchases, sweepstakes, gift cards, etc., etc.  Wow!).  Don't like to do surveys?  How about daily polls or checking out their special offers?

I love to do surveys (I guess I'm opinionated?), so I started with that.  They tell you how long the survey takes (not like other sites I've been to) how many Swagbucks you'll earn and the likelihood you'll qualify for a particular survey (40% chance, 60% chance).  Then, they ask you some basic questions and let you know if you will be able to participate or not.  Obviously, the longer the survey (I saw one for 8 minutes and one for 30 minutes, for example), the more Swagbucks you earn!

I wasn't eligible for any thus far, but I'm going to keep trying!!

I checked it out and joined.  What have you got to lose?


Hanna said...

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Happy HOlidays:)

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