Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Forecast: Movie and Heavy Sugar Highs

This is the first summer I've felt comfortable taking all of my kids to see the Free Summer Movie Festival. If you're not familiar, each week in the summer, you can go see predetermined, rerun movies in a real theatre for free! The air-conditioning is free too.

Today, we saw "Wallace and Gromit". My kids don't eat that much candy, so I let them buy a box each week. They also get 50 cents each for video games afterwards.

Thankfully, they usually get full before the box of candy is finished. Usually. I'm sure I look like the worst mother in the world buying four giant movie boxes of candy at 10am!

That's OK, though. The other people don't know how much exercise and vegetables my kids get during the rest of the week.

They do crash from the sugar though and often get crabby. However, the sun is starting to shine and there will be swimming later this afternoon, so I'll be able to weather this storm. After the clouds blow over from me telling them we have to stop at the grocery store on the way.