Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 19 #31DBBB "Warning: Highly-Participatory Mom"

I am working backwards on the Problogger Challenge trying to catch up.  I think Day 20 was a long time ago, but I hope to get an "E" for effort!

OK, today's task is to write an "opinion" post.  I don't normally go out on a limb like this in my blog.  I just read the other day, "Opinions are like belly buttons.  Everyone has them."  I like to keep my blog light and narrative, but the task has gotten me thinking.  Getting to know my opinions is another way I can share with my readers!  It is not in my nature to "shove them down people's throats" though, so no worries.

I'm going to use a topic that's relatively benign as there is enough conflict in the world (and in my house right now).  It's also a concept that's near and dear to my heart.

I have mentioned before that I am a self-titled, highly-participatory mom.  Read "Andy's News" in the following post:

Some may say that I am trying to relive my childhood, but I'm not.  I just love playing with my kids and being with them in their moments (and ENDLESS questions about EVERYTHING)!  Some of the things I have done is feed slobbering animals at the petting zoo against my will, actively watched my kids' karate classes and baseball games (when I would have loved to have caught up on my reading on the sidelines), ridden rollercoasters (I believe I've linked to the rollercoasters too often lately so I'll spare you here) and gone on waterslides even though I hate getting my hair wet.  I also have had to wait longer for something to cook because everyone had to take a turn stirring, pouring or tasting.  It's also a challenge when you even have children show up in the kitchen while cooking, but I love a challenge.

So, I laugh giddily, get messy, get wet, get hit with balls and generally make a fool out of myself.  I also face my fear of heights when I agree to ride with my daughter ABOVE THE TREELINE on a gondola and again, the rollercoasters of course.  Why? I do it all for my kids and you know what?  It's an enormous amount of FUN and I don't care what people think of me while my kids are beaming from ear to ear!

I remember as a child how much more fun things were when my parents did them with me.  I also have a commitment to give my kids my undivided attention when they're doing something that's important to them.  When Andy asks me if I saw his slide into second base, I can say, "Yes, I did!"  Watching the big kids' activities is becoming easier now that the twins are older.  I must admit, but my heart was always in it even if I had to nurse someone or go change a diaper.

Now, I don't underestimate the importance of taking time for myself.  It is a struggle to carve it out.  My  husband is extremely supportive of this.  We just have to work together on weekends better.  Weekday evenings have been consumed by sports since April and will be for some time.  I have a lot more fun when my batteries are charged up for my job (which, by the way, is the best job in the whole world!).

Here's my opinion: I think parents have a more full experience in their lives when they participate as much as possible in what their kids are doing (both physically and mentally)!

Any thoughts?  Opposing viewpoints?  Bring them on!  In addition to a challenge, I also love different perspectives!


eof777 said...

I concur. You are a fun, energetic person and your children are lucky to have you jump right in and get down and play with them Woohoo! Keep going. Visiting from Day 19 of the 31DBBB Challenge. Yep, like you, I'm behind and playing catch up.

Making It Work Mom said...

I agree, and I think it is more important to stay "present" the older children get. You have to "be there" when they are little to take care of those maintenance issues. I think you have to make even more of an effort to "be there" when they are older, but I firmly believe it will pay off!
Good for you for enjoying your children!

Twinsnsingles said...

Thank you for your support ladies! Making it Work Mom, that is a very good point. With little ones, it's very physical and you have to keep them from getting injured and care for their basic needs.

You have to do this with older kids too, but as they become more self-sufficient, you have to still be involved and develop that closeness and trust.

Sheree said...

Your such a good Mom, and it shows in all of your post! Being involved with them at the level you are, will always be remembered for them and you will NEVER regret it!

Hope you have a wonderful week! :)

怡屏 said...
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