Saturday, August 14, 2010


Hi Everyone!  I am really missing my writing time, but am slowly getting it back.  It's been an adjustment with Andy doing football 4 nights a week, plus my husband just got back from a 5-day trip.  The Wednesday News will be back after a brief, unexpected hiatus, but in the meantime, I finally was able to upload some pictures!

If you recall, my computer has been broken.  My husband loaned me an "old" one from work.  While I am grateful to have a computer to use, it is so "old" that it doesn't know how to read pictures off of my camera.  Today, I was able to get my ailing computer to limp through uploading some recent summer fun and then email them to myself on this machine (which may be old, but is in much better shape than mine).

Finally!  Here are some photos of what we've been up to!

Making alien antennae at camp (Harry left, Malcolm right)

Andy's been playing summer baseball

We met MICHAEL JACKSON!!  Actually, Edward Moss as Michael Jackson.  If you've seen Scary Movie 2 or Scary Movie 3, he was in that as an MJ impersonator.  We got to see him perform at a local theme park.  You'd swear you were watching the King of Pop himself!  Voice and everything!  Andy was too shy to pose with him.

Lilly had a craving for cinnamon rolls the other day so we made our own from scratch!

and LOTS of football!


翊翊翊翊張瑜翊翊翊 said...
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tongtong said...
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Making It Work Mom said...

Love the pictures! Love how little boys look in their football uniforms!

Twinsnsingles said...

Thanks, Making it Work Mom! Glad you enjoyed the pictures. I agree. Their bodies look enormous!

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