Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Night Fever(s)

Well, since Wednesday, two more of my kids got "hit" with whatever is going around our family.  I had to pick up Andy from school early yesterday.  He managed to push through his Field Day activities in the morning, but by the time he went to nurse in the afternoon, he had hit 101.2.  It seems to be a PM kind of thing because Harry (the morning kindergarten guy) hit the proverbial "101" this afternoon as well.


Lilly has left for a sleepover.  I figure, she's healthy, why should she be stuck at home with her brothers who keep getting thermometers stuck in their mouths?  Crossing my fingers that she stays healthy for it...  I have managed to escape with just a scratchy throat.  I'll take it!

My boys are glued to iCarly and are looking forward to the iPsycho movie premiere on Nickolodeon.  Nothing beats Movie Night, especially when the kids are too ill to do anything else!


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