Monday, June 7, 2010

M is for Motivation on Monday!

The weather is cool and sunny after a tumultuous, humid and stormy weekend.  It's like all of the storms we had Saturday and Sunday just blew out all of the cobwebs that were in my brain.  These cobwebs are ones of uncertainty (translated into walking in circles), anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, tired and out-of-control.

Monday usually stands for M(otivation)ON(empty) and other M's like "More sleep please", "My, What a Mess this place is" and "Moodiness" on the part of my children.

Not today!  I am embracing this Monday morning with a to-do list that I actually will do this morning!  I usually have a hard time getting out of my own way on Mondays because the weekends have been so crazy, but not today!

Everyone affected is feeling better from the fever-thing and capable of going to school.  Plus, all of the kids were in a great mood this morning too!  I think all of the rain and not being able to play outside (for fear of being struck by lightning or pounded by hailstones) had put a "damper" on their happiness over the weekend.  The kids were antsy and getting on each other's nerves.

Lilly also picked out some new summer clothes yesterday.  The girl who used to love to ride her bike in a fancy dress even though it was harder to pedal is now shopping in the Boys' Department.  I'm fine with it.  Whatever makes her happy.  I love that she wants to express herself in different ways.  As we walked to the Boys' Department we had to cross through the dreaded Girls' Department and she got worried for a second.

She ended up with soccer shorts with large, white sport stripes on the side and some graphic tees.  I checked them for appropriateness and they passed the test.  Although, this morning as she was putting one on, we both realized that embededed in the cool paisley pattern was a skull!  Still OK.  No blood, devices of torture or even so much as a snake.

I think this greatly contributed to her good mood this AM.  Even a girl who likes boys' clothes can get excited about new threads!  Harry is also typically very grumpy in the AM as many people are.  I was pleasantly surprised as he was smiling and cooperating BEAUTIFULLY.  He even let me wash his face without a fight (yes, he is more than capable of washing it by himself, but that's something we'll work on this battle at a time).

Ahh, I could get used to this.  Now, off to do some of my "to-dos".  Happy Monday!


Sheree said...

Just loved your Monday morning post. It's always nice when everyone wakes up on the right side of the bed, gets the day going so much nicer!
I tried leaving you a comment this morning but blogger was experiencing some difficulty, so if you have like 5 comments from me, you'll know why! ;)
Hope you had a good day!

twinsnsingles said...

Hi Sheree! No worries on the multiple comments. I just appreciate you trying so hard to write to me!

It WAS a nice day and it lasted until now...they're kind of losing it. Given that I dragged everyone to my daughter's doctor's appt and still did well is VERY cool! Hope you have a good rest of the day too!

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