Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Wednesday News June 2, 2010

he I can't believe it's Wednesday again and a whole week since I've written!  Wow!  I honestly don't know where this week went, but let me start writing about it.  Maybe that'll jog my memory!

Family update: School is really winding down for the kids.  It's exciting that summer is almost here!  We had an idyllic Memorial Day weekend complete with cookouts, swimming, sunshine and patritoic activities.  I've always loved Memorial Day weekend.  It's magical.  Even though it is the same three-day weekend you get for other Monday holidays, it just seems to go on forever!

Harrison: The twins are enjoying their first Field Day at school.  Once a year in June, the school has activities in the "field".  Harry reported playing kickball, some kind of game where they took turns ringing out a sponge and that a classmate had to sit out.  Malcolm being in the afternoon class with the same teacher, will likely have similar stories of activities when he returns home.  Harry has managed to avoid the short-lived fever thing his twin brother just shook.

Malcolm: It's hard to talk about Harry and Malcolm's activities without overlap since they have the same teacher, karate instructors and baseball coaches!  However, we always strive for individuality.  Even though they have the same DNA and physical appearance, they still have the same rights as the rest of us to be individuals.

Let's see: Field Day, we've already hit on.  Poor thing had a fever of 102 on Sunday and Monday!  I naturally took him for a strep test yesterday, but it was negative.  No fever all day yesterday so he's back in the game (literally) today.  Usually when my kids get a high fever like that, they commit to being sick for a long stretch.  Glad this was different!

Just for grins, I'll stick the adults in the middle this week!  Dave seems to have had the same thing that Malcolm had.  He's had to call in sick which he never does.  He is able to keep up with his day-to-day via the internet and phone.  I'm happy he isn't getting more behind while he recovers.  That's enough to keep anyone from getting better!

He and Andy went to plant flags on the graves of veterans at a local cemetery on Saturday and then marched in our town's parade on Monday.  Both of these activities were with Andy's Cub Scout Pack.  What quality dad/son time!  We all enjoyed a wonderful cookout at a friend's house on Sunday.  The weather was beautful all weekend!

Dave mustered up the energy for our own cookout on Monday, but it was very lowkey as he and Malcolm were ill.  Many hot dogs were eaten by all AND he put the A/C units in the windows for us!

I loved spending time with my husband, my kids and some dear friends this weekend.  Hopefully, we'll be able to go down and visit some other family this weekend or next.  Andy has a flag reserved for Grandpa's grave when we go.  He's buried about 90 minutes from our house, near some of the rest of our family.  I thought it was great that Andy participated in those activities.  It helped our whole family remember what Memorial Day was all about.

As for me, I have already ditched my diet!  I am a very commitment-oriented person who gives 110% to everything, but I was just getting too hungry and dizzy.  I feel much better when I eat normal meals.  I still try to replace a meal with a protein shake when I am in the mood to "take lunch or leave it", but that's been rare.  I am trying to cut down on treats and continue my exercising.

I'm still pretty overwhelmed with the house, but I'm just trying to do a little dejunking everyday.  I feel so good when I do this!  The summer plans are also coming together slowly.  It looks like we can do a week or two of daycamp for the kids and our usual swimming lessons.  Summer is even harder for me because of the lack of structure, but at the same time, I cherish the time with my kids and we have a lot of fun!

Andy not only planted flags (36 to a bag), but being the machine he is, kept asking for more flags ("More Flags, More Fun...Six Flags"....actually much fun would THAT be?!).  He ended up planting 3 bags' worth.  He also made some new friends at the cookout on Sunday and got thorough enjoyment out of the slip-n-slide and water balloons that were provided.  He went swimming at a neighbor's pool on Monday and went with his class to see a play today.

Lilly has managed to enjoy herself too, although she's been suffering with migraines.  She is going to see the doctor next week.  We have been keeping a "headache journal" of how much sleep she's getting, if she's eating anything out of the ordinary and when she actually sees spots versus just has head pain.  She is enjoying a field trip today to a museum featuring Mexican art.  What a busy day for my brood!

One of her best friends' families was hosting the cookout so that's always super for the girls to get together.  She was also invited swimming at the same neighbor's pool which was a treat for her!


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