Sunday, May 16, 2010

One Piece at a Time

Yes, I am a HUGE Johnny Cash fan, but in this case, I'm not talking about taking one piece of a car home everyday from my job and building my own car for free.  Although, that isn't a bad idea, until you get caught, arrested, etc.

I am taking it "one piece at a time" in terms of getting through this week while Dave is away.  Those of you who read my blog and/or know me, know that I kind of flounder without structure, even if the structure is just "some downtime with the kids".  So far, so good.  He left last night for 7 days.  I took dinner, baths and bedtime each as their own chunk.  It went well!

So far, this morning, I've been to Andy's makeup baseball game and have come home.  My terrifiic weekend babysitter has made lunch for the kids (another piece of the day) and now I have to have my lunch (another piece).  I don't like to miss Mass, but it is an exercise in futility to take all 4 with me alone.  I watch Mass online when I can't go on Sundays.

I am going to take my wonderful kids to Dairy Queen this afternoon to make up for the fact that Daddy's gone on the weekend.  So, this will be one more piece of our Sunday.  Then, Lilly has some homework to finish and then we'll be back on the dinner/baths/bedtime track.

Tune in tomorrow for more pieces!


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