Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Wednesday News May 19, 2010

Hmm...can't italics the title or underline former English teachers would be appalled!  It also drives me crazy since I am a stickler for punctuation and grammar (and very little else in the world).

Onward to this edition of The Wednesday News.  Ahh, THERE it is...proper title etiquette!

I'll start with my dear hubby this week, just for the sake of change.  He's in Moscow and currently 8 hours ahead of us right now.  Lilly almost stayed up late enough last night to call Daddy first thing in the morning over there!  However, there's first thing and then there's just WAY too early...

I haven't talked with him very much given the time difference and all of our comings and goings at home, but we've managed to catch up a little bit.  He said things were going really well business-wise so I'm very proud of him for that.  Can't wait to have him back on Saturday!

OK, time for my story.  In a word (or two) I'm burned out.  I must say my attitude has improved today and I am much more productive than I have been.  I guess sometimes it feels overwhelming that there is ALWAYS too much to do.  I know, I need to expect that with 4 kids and I wouldn't change it for the world, but I need a day off!

I have been going through the motions of getting kids to school, bathed, fed and their homework done, but I have put in very little effort more than the bare bones.  There have been too many hours of video games and TV, but I am encouraged by how much I got done today already.  Still holding onto the "one piece at a time" philosophy...just that some days, I really don't have my heart in it!  Holding out hope for today though, like I said.  :)

Andy is covered with poison ivy!  Monday night he showed me some spots on his wrist.  I denied them and told myself they were "bug bites" although I knew they weren't.  He didn't seem too bothered by them so he went to sleep.  Last night, he came down again after going to bed, complaining of itchiness.  I could no longer deny the spots and now there were spots on his arm, his ankles and behind his ears!  He had taken a long, soapy bath on Monday night so whatever poison ivy oil was gone.  The damage was done.  There was nothing we could do.  I told him not to scratch it and he fell asleep.  Good, because I was too tired to get the calamine lotion!  I would have of course, but he fell asleep so I was relieved.

Still scratching this AM, but off to school he went.  He told me he had gone into the woods and was "cutting down plants" with a stick in a sickle-like fashion.  Whoops!  those plants had their own defense!  This after he hurt his ankle coming out of the tree on Sunday.  It was nasty and bruised up right away so I thought it was sprained, but he was walking on it by Monday morning.


Lillian has missed two days of school since last week's The Wednesday News.  She had her first migraine on Thursday and another one on Monday.  It's been very hard for me to get her to do homework since the headache has been lingering since the first migraine on and off.  She's been a trooper though.  I don't know what's triggering them, but she does have terrible seasonal allergies.  I've been having her drink a lot of fluids too.

Malcolm is enjoying Andy's Nintendo DS more than he should, but I've had to fall back on it this week.  Guilty as charged.  Other than that, he's loving tee ball and soccer.  He's had a lot of outside time in the great weather we've been having too and having a great time playing with neighborhood kids.

Harry too is having more than his share of screen time.  He's also in a vicious cycle where he falls asleep in the afternoon, can't fall asleep at night, falls asleep in the afternoon....I'm hoping that gets back on track soon.  He, too, is enjoying tee ball, soccer and the neighbors!


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