Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Tradition!

Hi Everyone!  I have been thinking about doing this for awhile.  I find that I tend to talk about different members of my family depending upon what person is providing the most "newsworthy" events!  So, I am going to try something on for size.

It's called the Wednesday News.  I will take time to recap what's going on in each of our lives each Wednesday!  Here goes:

Why not start with Yours Truly: I have been especially enjoying my blog lately.  I've added some new features.  BTW, any readers who haven't signed up for BlogFrog, sign up!  It's free and we can follow each other's happenings.  Thank you to the readers who are following me and visiting on BlogFrog!

Not too much to report.  Still looking for that extra hour in the day (isn't everyone?), except for me, I want the extra hour during the SCHOOL day!  I love my kids but I really love having only one home at any given morment...and that's only during the day!

I'm still struggling to do basic chores.  I know, just do them!  I get too bored too fast.  However, I am still seeing the benefits of keeping up daily and being bored rather than having all of it escalate into total chaos.  I already have enough chaos in the house without the house adding its own.  Our goddaughter's Communion was Saturday, one week after Andy's.  We had to fight what seemed like the same downpour following us to get there, but it was wonderful.

Dave has come off of a family reunion of sorts.  He was away last weekend and I stayed back with the kids.  He is going on another business trip very soon, but in the meantime, he's fighting horrible seasonal allergies but still being a great dad.  He's been showing up at all of the baseball games (and there've been a lot of them) and pitching in around the house (more than his share lately, but I'm trying to take back more again).

Lilly is still making origami boxes.  They're amazing!  She even made some for her brothers to put their "presents" in for Mother's Day!  I'll add a photo as soon as I have one.  She is keeping up well with most of her homework.  Her advanced program still presents a challenge, but she does very good work.  She loves her friends and her family and she got the opportunity to see a bunch of people we hardly ever see at the two Communions!

Andy is doing a lot of baseball.  He typically has 3 games a week.  It goes pretty well for us since the rest of the kids can play at the playground while Andy's game is going on.  My kids are also old enough now that they can wait until after the game (typically, we're home by 7:30p) to eat dinner.  It's not ideal and after they leave the playground, they realize how hungry and tired they are and ROOOOOAR!  At least I don't have to bring dinner to the ballfield anymore and try to fight them off the swings to eat a bite here and a bite there...  He's loving the advanced math sheets his teacher gives him and completes Lilly's math when we're not looking.  He's in 2nd grade and she's in 4th.  She's not complaining but we are!

Harrison is doing T-ball.  He is on the same team as his twin brother Malcolm.  They tend to feed off each other and tune out the coaches, other children, their parents, the world...So, I have to lend a hand to their coaches so they can focus on, well, coaching!  Harry is my afternoon errand helper.  I am really trying to split it up so Malcolm goes with me sometimes, but Mal is home in the morning...and you know how I am in the morning.  I am pretty useless, but it has to get better.  I have to get things done around here!

Malcolm is also doing T-ball.  They both love it.  It's interesting how their pants don't get dirty until AFTER the game!  Malcolm and I have very quiet mornings together.  It's so nice to spend time with each one of the twins one-on-one.  He never gives me trouble when it's time to go pick up his brother from morning kindergarten.

That's it for this edition of Wednesday News.  News updated throughout the week!  Come back and visit soon!


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