Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

 This one was unconventional, but still great!  Dave was away for the weekend for a family thing.  I hired a sitter to watch my remaining 3 kids while Andy and I took off together.  Andy had a playdate of sorts, but I dropped him off and waited....by myself, in the peaceful quiet of the beautiful Sunday morning.

Was this the best Mother's Day so far?  Absolutely!  To me it was perfect.  Recharge my batteries with no kids in the morning and then be all smiles, full of patience and energy by the afternoon to spend time with my kids!

It was my mom's birthday on Monday so she was going to come visit with my sister's family, but it didn't work out at the last minute.  That's OK though.  Two more playdates (one more for Lilly, one for Andy).  Twins were tired and calm.  Tacos for dinner and everyone in bed on time.  Perfect!

We are rescheduling the Mother's Day holiday for this coming Saturday to do our usual traditions like breakfast in bed.  Two Mother's Days!  Am I the luckiest mom in the whole world?  Yes!


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