Thursday, May 6, 2010

Purely Anecdotal

Hi friends! Thought I'd share a couple of fun bits of our life with you today.

The first one is called, "Have a Coke and a Smile!"

Am I the only one who remembers when Coke had that as one of their many slogans over the years? I am? OK, then, just take my word for it. They did. There was a commercial with a little boy, Mean Joe Green (formerly of the Pittsburgh Steelers) the video (from "Mean Joe Green Superbowl Ad, 1980"). 
Get a load of the GLASS bottle!

So, I finally made it to the grocery store Tuesday out of desperation. My trusty helper, Harry, was with me as it was the afternoon and the time I usually realize that if I don't go NOW I won't be able to go without taking everyone with me after school! Would that be so bad? Could I do that? Could I be lazy even longer and take everyone just this once? No, I had to go. We couldn't skip karate to go shopping, or else I would have hauled the gang with me. I was so tired and lazy!  I didn't want to do ANYTHING!  Like I said in a previous post, this Tuesday was worse than a Monday.

Got it done. We had run out of Coke. Now, my DH is a Coke drinker as he has no other options that he likes for caffeine. I know I need my coffee everyday, so I try to make sure we always have it in the house. So, we're going down the soda aisle and there's another mom with 2 kids shopping. She goes, "Kids, we have to get Coke for Daddy! Daddy's not happy without his Coke!" Being the friendly type that I am, I uninvitedly comment on her conversation with her children, "Our Dad isn't happy without his Coke either! That's why we never run out." I fibbed, but it was only a white lie to make conversation.  It made everyone smile.  Coke apparently can do that even if you're just BUYING it!

"Twin-iata" (pronounced like piniata but with a twin)
This would have been a great post for yesterday, Cinco de Mayo, but alas, I'm a day late.  So, Andy made his First Communion on Saturday.  Great job, buddy!! (an anecdote in and of itself, but I had already mentioned it in another post and I don't want to be redundant.)

We had a wonderful day with family and friends that of course, included a lot of outside play with the kids.  Harry has a tendency to climb up small trees and then freaks out when it's time to get down.  That day was no exception.

There he was hanging from the lowest branch a few feet off the ground.  I was inside preparing to serve the meal.  The husbands were all outside including mine, but he had his hands full doing something else.  Harry made his usual cry for "Heeeeeeelp!!" even though he could have come down on his own with no sweat.

Dave, DH, called to Malcolm, his twin brother, who was just inches away from him to give Harry a hand.  Not only does Malcolm NOT help him, he runs in the opposite direction and retrieves a wiffle bat.  Then, charges toward a still-dangling Harrry yelling, "PINIATA!!!"

The husbands are now laughing hysterically.  I never did find out who actually got him down, but isn't it interesting that instead of rescuing and/or coming the aid of his brother, he decides he's going to hit him like a piniata.  Wouldn't that have been a hoot if CANDY came out.  Boys.  What are they THINKING?!?!

In other news, Malcolm and Harry promoted from their very first belt in karate...only took them 10 months!  They have a lot of trouble behaving as a twosome in class so one, the other or both often had to sit out.  Hey, I'm still very proud of them. 

I'll leave you with some pictures that are worth a thousand words, but I'll write a few anyway.

Malcolm wears the pants in the family.

Lilly's Emergency Preparedness Kit in response to the Severe Thunderstorm Watch the other day.  If you recall, Lilly's my beyond-budding meteorologist.  I have since removed my asthma inhalers, Dave's iPod charger and a pitcher of water.  One of the boys took the flashlight (can't keep one...EVER!...they just disappear) and Lilly repossessed the portable DVD player.  Good to know her brother's shoes are still there as are 3 of our favorite DVDs!  Thanks Lil (oh, better put the player back in...and some batteries!).

Finally, Lilly and I got our nails done!  Mine are the orange ones attached to my bumpy hands...oh, and I'm the one with the wedding rings...


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