Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Mom's Talk", February 16, 2011

If you missed last week's post, then (gasp!) you don't know that it was Mom's Talk's debut!  Go ahead, click on the link below or scroll down to the post and catch up.  I'll wait for you and no, I won't sing the Final Jeopardy tune.  I'm amazed that the contestants on that show can think while that's going on!

So,. not only can you read my weekly column, "The Great Escape", each Wednesday, I am also going to be part of an Expert Mom's Council (we receive questions and provide answers) for the same online newspaper!  Below is the link to the second publishing of the fledgling Mom's Talk!  This, too, will be here EVERY Wednesday or in the Opinion Section of the newspaper.

This week's question has to do with things to do in and around our town, but like I said last week, there are many ideas that transcend local barriers and equal FUN for kids during February vacation!  So, you don't hae to be local!  If any of you have already had their school vacation, then please chime in!  We want to know what you did for fun around your town!

Click on the link below to:
1)     Visit and find out what has been said thus far!
2)     Join in the conversation and the fun by adding a comment!
3)     Tell all of your friends!  This includes Facebook friends, Twitter buddies ("Tweeps"),  the old-fashioned kind of friends that you not only see on Twitter and Facebook, but in person, your family members, blogosphere relationships or really anyone you know that could benefit from or enjoy a column like this one!
4)     Upload pictures/videos/ name it!