Wednesday, February 9, 2011

ANOTHER Column?!?! Why, YES!!

Well, sort of.  In addition to my own weekly column, "The Great Escape", I am also going to be part of an Expert Mom's Council in the same online newspaper!  I am over-the-moon with excitement.  I have always loved to write and I thoroughly enjoy helping other people, especially with a subject I'm familiar with: RAISING KIDS!!!!  Enter "Moms Talk"!  Yes, you could say that both of these opportunities are a dream come true, yup...

This is a new feature that is designed to reach out to local moms and their families and offer support as an entire community.  Each week, the Council will receive questions from readers to which we, in turn, give advice and share what has worked for us or for someone we know.

Although most of the information will be local to our area (for instance, "Where is the closest 24-hour pharmacy?" or "Who is your pediatrician?  Would you recommend him or her for my children?"), there are many "universal" wisdoms that moms/dads/grandparents/guardians from all over the country (and the world!) can share or ask about.  These may be questions like, "Did you breastfeed your child?  If so, how long?" or "What do you do when you have tried everything and the baby still won't go to sleep?"  "Anyone else have multiples?"  We have a very diverse local community here, so why not expand on that?

In addition, Moms Talk is a forum for "dropping in" to discuss a "hot" or controversial parenting topic.  One that's got people talking right now is, "Are you familiar with the Tiger Mother's way of raising children?  If so, do you believe it's the "best way"?  Why or why not?"

This week, as a "debut", Moms Talk used a question that I had proposed as an interesting one.  "Are You Creative?  What are your Favorite Creative Outlets?"

Click on the link below to:
1)     Visit and find out what has been said thus far!
2)     Join in the conversation and the fun by adding a comment!
3)     Tell all of your friends!  This includes Facebook friends, Twitter buddies ("Tweeps"),  the old-fashioned kind of friends that you not only see on Twitter and Facebook, but in person, your family members, blogosphere relationships or really anyone you know that could benefit from or enjoy a column like this one!
4)     Upload pictures/videos/ name it!

Thank you for checking out the piece!  I will post both articles to my blog every Wednesday.