Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What We've Been Up To


Harry (left, Snakeyes, the Ninja from GI Joe; Malcolm, Transformer's Bumblebee; Mom as What Would I Look Like with Long, Blond Hair...again and Lilly, the Evil Jester).  Andy, the vampire who refused the black wig AND the FAKE BLOOD (I can't believe it EITHER!!) refused to be immortalized in this photo, but will stay immortal as long as he's a vampire who dodges wooden stakes.

Below: Lilly again.  In other news, she bruised her kneecap in mid-October.  She was still milking using the crutches on Halloween night.  Maybe she was the "jester, on the sidelines, in a cast" from the song "American Pie"?  Except she didn't have a cast...just sayin'.

 Andy's last football game of the season, October 24
#17 seen here warming up and positioning his mouthguard.  Note the pink stripe on his helmet.  His whole team did that for Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October).


 Cub Scout Fishing Derby, October 3

Dad baits a hook.


Andy has some success!  Harry looks on.  Fish, like all others that day, returned to pond.

Here are some more things we've been up to this autumn:

Jumping in leaves...(Harry orange; Andy green; Malcolm blue; Tree bare)

...painting witches (Harry at a classmate's plaster birthday party)

...and each young boy had won some "fishes"! (Autumn festival carnival game...three boys, one try each, three fish).  Tank, light, filter, electricity, water, fake plants, glass gemstones, treasure chest, hollow log, gravel and food not included.


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