Friday, June 25, 2010

The Wednesday News June 23, 2010

OK, so I started writing The Wednesday News on Wednesday, just didn't get it published in time.  Good thing I'm not a newspaper employee!

Let's start with me this week since it's all about ME, right?

I'm enjoying summer vacation so far!  I've been operating on the "one activity a day" philosophy.  So far, we've been swimming, went to the movies and attended an end-of-year party.  Thanks to my awesome neighbors who invited us ALL over!

Today would have been my parents' 51st anniversary.  I'm so glad that my mom and dad made it to their 50th.  My dad passed away 4 days later.  It was like he was holding out for this incredibly important date.

Dave enjoyed his Father's Day in spite of the rain at the baseball game.  I have finally made a decision as to what to buy him and I'm ordering it today.  The kids don't understand why dad isn't on vacation because school's out.  I remember thinking the same thing in the summer when my dad would go to work in the summer.  They have no idea how lucky they are!

Lilly went rock climbing yesterday with her Girl Scout troop.  She loved it and climbed 30 feet!  She's been crafting away with her origami and skateboarding too.

Turned 6 on Friday!  Dad was still in London, but we had an ice cream cake to celebrate the actual date.  This was the first Friday that their birthday fell on the same day of the week that they were born.  Sigh.  We did celebrate with Dad on Saturday at one of our favorite family restaurants.

Same birthday, same fun!  I rescheduled their official birthday party AGAIN!  School's out and I haven't found the school directory so I can finally mail out invitations.  My plan was to ask the teacher for help with addresses, but that plan fizzled.  Wish me luck that I finally pull it off this time!

All signed up for summer baseball!  Starts in July.  He's also playing football for the first time, starting in August.  He's never played in the summer league before.  There will be older kids mixed in with his group, but I think he'll be fine.

Short and sweet this week, but I'm sure there will be more tales to tell as summer goes on.  Happy Summer, everyone!  It's official!


Sheree said...

Boy, did you have a busy week! I love summer and having the kids home! Of course I'm down to one, but I remember the days! Sounds fun at your house!
Have a great weekend...
Sheree :)

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