Monday, June 28, 2010

Shopping for Summer Fun!

FoodI just got back from the grocery store with all kinds of fun foods!  Fresh fruit, popsicles, lowfat ice cream, crackers, juiceboxes, string cheese, yogurt cups and granola bars to name a few.  As you know, we try to maintain good health and save money by eating homemade popsicles with juice, making our own granola bars/cookies, eating natural popcorn and by freezing yogurt for a healthy treat.

OK, so not all of this is homemade or ingredients to make homemade stuff, but it's just so much fun to buy all of this knowing that we're going to pack it up for our beach, park and other summer adventures!

On Saturday, Lilly and I went down to see Grandma for the day.  While we were there, Grandma bought the boys a "grown-up" kiddie pool (the type with a filter that stays up all summer) for their birthday.  I also scored some good sales on a few summer toys like squirt guns and pool noodles.  I already made a promise to myself that I'd get rid of the other, broken, old noodles and squirt guns before I introduced the new ones.  So far, I'm on track!

I have a ton more groceries to put away, so I'd better run.  Yeah for summer!


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