Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Wednesday News, May 26, 2010

Welcome to this week's The Wednesday News.  What's new?  In a word, LEGO!

Andy will be first this week.  He earned a Lego gift card from his aunt, uncle and cousin for his First Communion.  With the return of Daddy on Saturday, Sunday meant a road trip to the Lego store to redeem said card.  Since it's a 1/2 hour drive to a MALL, this journey is much easier with two parents.

Andy decided to get handfuls of different kinds of unique Lego parts.  For those not familiar, the Lego store has a "Pick-a-Brick" section.  They are individual "bricks" and other parts that are in separate "bulk" style bins.  Andy ended up with a random assortment of "gems" (aka small, yellow, clear bricks), clocks (which are totally cool) and steering wheels (you need those especially with all of the wheels that he earned on a different visit).

You fill up different size cups and pay by the size (like buying a fountain drink where you pay for small, medium and large).  Andy figured out that you could get more bang for the buck if you put SMALL items in a cup.  Smart kid!  His gems seem to be his favorite.  However, he keeps forgetting to put the cap on these special Lego cups so they keep ending up all over the floor.  He's also tried rolling them in a dish towel and taking them outside.  I TOLD him this was not a good idea.  Gems have been a source of great frustration, but hopefully the joy will return.  His poison ivy is better, but now Malcolm has it all over his back.  "I fell in a pile of leaves" is his explanation.  Dude, "leaves of three, let it BE!!"

Malcolm, while not involved with poisonous plants, has made some wonderful spaceships with Legos this week.  He used some a bunch of Andy's odds and ends too.

There's just something about reveling in your child's creativity.  The ship was amazing in and of itself, but what's even better is asking Malcolm to talk about the ship and listen to his imagination run wild.  He explained to me how all of the steering wheels were needed because each one puts a shield up.  Then, once they're up, the yellow buttons are for firing at enemy ships.  (We are a Star Wars family.)  He didn't have an explanation for the clocks, but I'll let you know if he thinks of one!

Here's another creation.  This one has only one steering wheel, but lots of racing stripes on the fuselage and more clocks....

Harry didn't do too much in terms of Lego this week.  He's been outside a great deal.  My kids don't get an allowance, but they do have the opportunity to earn prizes for providing the family with extra help and good behavior.  Last week while Dad was away was really tough on me, but the kids found many ways to rise to the occasion including going to bed on their own and the older kids helped with tasks and story reading relating to the younger ones.

Andy earned the ability to buy extra Lego in addition to the gift card.  This week Harry and Malcolm earned a bubble set that they agreed to share.  They've both been enjoying that.  It's also been very hot weather so the kids have been playing in the hose a lot too.  How fun is THAT?!?

Harry (and Andy) also performed at their school's annual Memorial Day program.  Students are encouraged to invite family members and friends who are veterans.  There are usually a handful.  Each veteran stands up on stage during the concert and their name and branch of service is announced.  Then, each grade (K-3) stands up one at a time and sings a song to honor our country and the veterans who represent what Memorial Day is all about.

I love that the school is instilling such a sense of pride and patriotism in our young students.  I am also glad they're learning how important the job of the military is.

Lilly had also earned a prize.  This time she picked a Lego set!  She is really not that into Lego, but this set tickled her.  It was a Spongebob Squarepants Krusty Krab restaurant set!

Look at the Lego hamburger (oops, "Krabby Patty") with lettuce, mustard and ketchup!  LOVE IT!

Lilly also made this birdhouse a couple of weeks ago by painting a plastic coffee container at Girl Scouts.  We hung it on the tree that day and she was getting discouraged.  She even had a theory that the birds didn't like the smell of coffee that was embedded in the plastic!  However,...

Someone has moved in!  So far it's just twigs, but that's a good sign!  Andy added that he saw a broken blue egg on the ground and that he can see another egg in here now, but I'm not sure if he "dreamed it"....yeah, dreamed it...we'll go with that explanation...

My DH is "back" from "the (former) USSR".  God is good.  It was wonderful for all of us to spend time together as a family this weekend.  We're looking forward to the long Memorial Day weekend too!  One of my favorite times of year!

As far as I'm concerned, things are going much better this week.  One of Lilly's major projects is now behind us and I feel like I have a better handle on where and when we're supposed to be as school winds down for the kids.  Now, my challenge is organizing all of this Lego!  I can almost HEAR at least two my readers' heads shaking at my decision to buy more, but I will NOT let the Lego conquer me!  Be proud (and maybe help me build an addition too)!  Some brilliant people online recommended Tupperware containers to organize them all.  I bought another 3-drawer sorter and plan to put these various Tupperwares into those for now.  I will let you know how it goes!

I am also trying to do daily exercise and lose some weight.  I HATE dieting.  When I'm on a diet, all I do is think about food.  However, I'm trying to replace at least lunch with a protein shake and cut down on treats and refined sugar.  It's even hotter in my house today than yesterday, so hopefully my "Theory of Perspiration" will help me achieve my goal too!  It's 85 degrees in here!  That's OK.  It's 95 outside!  Time to exercise!!


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