Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sweatin' it Out

I just stepped off our portable stairmaster!  I am back on track, people.  This morning I bought my meal-replacement protein shakes, had one for lunch and was still hungry.  Instead of eating a "real" lunch in addition, I downed a glass of water and hit the 'master!

It's been very hot here the last few days.  Normally I HATE the heat unless I can go swimming or hibernate in air-conditioning.  Today, I made the heat work for me.  We don't have our window air-conditioners in yet, so it was perfect!  It's time for me to lose some weight again.  I NEVER buy pants in a larger size, so when they start getting tight, I take drastic measures (but still healthy ones...would NEVER trade that for anything) to "untighten them".

Today I thought, it's hot, I'm sweaty...could that help me lose weight?  I had a roommate when I was in graduate school who went to Guatemala in the summer.  She said she lost 20 pounds JUST from SWEATING!  Kinda gross, but hey, it just might work as I don't see any trips to Central America on the calendar.

I wish I had a treadmill because I'm trying to become a runner.  I can't run outside right now as I have at least one kindergartener home with me at all times and I sense that he'd beat me around the block or won't be able to keep up, neither of which is helpful to me.  This also means the gym is out as it's adults only.  However, the portable stairmaster can keep me climbing while I watch clips of TV shows or stream talk radio programs that I like.  Someday I'll download songs for my iPod too.  Where is that charger....?

I already feel great after 30 minutes and have more energy!  Excuse me, gotta take a shower.


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