Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My birthday and beyond...

David and I enjoying my birthday dinner!
Ahhh, what a terrific birthday I had on Friday. First of all, I am honored to be born on the same day as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
This year was the perfect amount of celebrating. Now that we're in our early 40's (gasp!) Friday night is Zombie Night for my husband and me. I'm not talking about some interesting theme at a local night club. I mean vegging out, letting our kids eat pizza in front of a movie or TV, not do ANYONE'S homework, put everyone to bed on time and quickly try to squeeze in some time together catching up on the week before one of us falls asleep while the other is talking.

This Friday was different though. It was my birthday. Although I would have been content with yet another Zombie Night, another couple who are dear friends of ours had invited us out to dinner. So, one of our awesome teenage sitters was scheduled and off we went. Sometimes going out involves prying myself off of the couch, but always being truly happy that I did. I had had such a great day though, no prying was necessary and I still was truly happy I went!

I kind of had the day off since our sitter extraordinaire, (this one's a grown-up), Valerie, was here all day. Friday is her day to work. I treated myself to lunch and went shopping! I bought a new, hip (I think) and not expensive outfit. The temperature was about 41 degrees too. If you're not from the Northeast, you may think this is freezing. However, we have had a very cold winter so far. This was a welcome change! I drove around with my moonroof open jumping around to a song on the radio from one of the few alternative bands that I like. Oh! Did I mention I found a dollar in the parking lot on the way back from my mini-shopping spree? It just seemed to fit into the great day I was having.

Dinner was wonderful (both the food and the company). As usually happens when we have a date, my husband and I continue our upbeat mood through the weekend as if we're still on the date. Even though my husband is on a business trip this week and we were all dreading him leaving this past Monday, we didn't let it put a black cloud on our weekend. Dave and Andy perfected the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby car for this Saturday, Lilly went to a 24-hour sleepover and Sunday we all went to see "Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakuel" which was a lot of fun.

All of the kids had both Monday and Tuesday off. Monday was MLK Day and today was a Teacher Development Day. I was a little worried about this because I really fall apart without structure. The good news is, on Monday, all of us went on a roadtrip to have a playdate with some friends who had moved about 45 minutes away. This was scheduled for most of the day yesterday, but what about today? Well, it ended up snowing again. It wasn't supposed to!

I am a true snow lover...the more the better....but today I didn't want it. I had to take Malcolm to the doctor (with his 3 siblings tagging along). Andy LOVES to shovel our driveway, which is long and sloped, but I was still worried about getting out and how the roads would be. I wished I didn't have to brave them. I would have preferred to schedule a cookie-baking session or playing in the snow AT HOME.

However, I just HAD to take him today. He had been coughing for 2 weeks with an on and off low-grade fever. Since said 3 siblings have been taking turns with pneumonia since about November, I figured his number was up.

Well, what a relief to realize that even though the snow was raging, it was above freezing so it was not accumulating. Driving was no problem AND BONUS there was no pneumonia. Let's keep our fingers crossed that whatever it is goes away on its own.

Meanwhile, upward and outward toward the remaining 3-day school week. Back to the grind. No more days in PJs.


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