Monday, August 10, 2009

There's Something About Harry

My son, Harrison ("Harry") is by far, the biggest "mess-magnet" I've ever met. I say that in a loving way because it's part of him. Also, he's really taught me how to react calmly to coming in on the WORST messes I've ever seen! For example, when I had given him and a bunch of friends some cookie cutters to make cool gelatin shapes in a baking dish while I quickly ran in to switch the laundry, I came back to find my potato masher, my hand egg beater and pretty much any other kitchen gadget you can imagine being used to make "mincemeat" out of the pan of gelatin. It was everywhere too, on the cabinets, on the floor, you name it. I just thought to myself, "How creative and how FAST many hands can destroy a pan of gelatin!" It just doesn't pay for me to lose my temper over something like that. I need all of the energy I can get and can't afford to drain it on things like that.

Another positive is his immeasurable tolerance for mess does help him in many situations to handle things with no fear (textures like fingerpainting...well it starts with fingers, swimming underwater, having no qualms about getting caught in the rain, letting his ice cream cone drip down his arm and letting his sister do his hair with WAY too much hairgel!).

His identical twin brother, Malcolm, is the kind of kid that likes order. If he sees a cabinet door slightly ajar, he will close it as he goes by. He always puts wrappers, napkins, etc. in the trash right after he uses them. Oh, and yes! He USES napkins!

Harry is guaranteed to wear the entire popsicle, bowl of soup, stomp in the only mud puddle within a 5-mile radius, decorate his face with marker and yes, play in the toilet before I can catch him. Since he's now 5, I hardly have to worry about that now, thank GOD! I don't have enough room to tell you everything that Harry has spilled and then played in whatever beverage puddle he created. He's even been known to float small toys in this accidental mess.

One day, he wanted to be a "Mud Monster" (see photo). He put mud on the back of his neck, in his hair and...brace his mouth! When I explained how it was really unhealthy to put dirt in your mouth, his reply was, "A Mud Monster has to have mud EVERYWHERE on his body."

In summary, Harry is the one who comes out of the lake soaking wet and throws himself down in the sand (becoming covered with sand just as we are trying to leave and load up into the van), puts marshmallow fluff in his hair (if I don't stop him first), had no trouble potty training because accidents were "fun" (for him) and occasionally "drinking" his beverage by cupping his hand into the cup and slurping from it.

Every child is unique and wonderful in their own way. Just don't run out of paper towels and hopefully, not patience.

Stay tuned for the latest Harry stories. (warning: sometimes not for the squeamish).


ddichmann said...

It just goes to show you how different even identical twins can be. Each child has their own unique personality and it reminds me that when it comes to raising kids, you have to adapt your techniques to each personality. What works for one will not work for the others, you can never generalize. Imagine a world full of Malcolms all neat and orderly, without the Harrys creating the disorder that leads to music, art, inventions and more. But, without the Malcolms, you would never have the order needed to harness creativity and make it useful and meaningful to all.

Deb said...

Thank you!!!
I needed the stories about Harry. I thought Dylan was the only child that could get into everything every where just by turning your back for a couple of min. Harry as well as Dylan teach us not to get upset about silly things they do or say.

Maybe if I write down what Dylan does each day I won't be so upset.


SirFWALGMan said...

Wait you have at least 2 followers.. probably more. lol.

twinsnsingles said...

Thanks, Marsh for reading! I didn't see you on the follower list though. Tell all your friends!!! I'm going to do a big update tonight with pictures!!!

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