Monday, August 3, 2009

Photo Opportunities!

Ladies and Gentleman,

I FOUND MY CAMERA!!! It had gone on the missing shortly after an early summer trip to a pool. This pool is part of a Club that costs almost as much as my mortgage to join for the summer even if you just use the outdoor pool and no other amenities.

Our family managed to get a trial weekend. We wanted to go swimming one Saturday and was told we could swim for free on the Saturday and Sunday and talk membership with the director when she comes back to the office on the Monday.

Well, talk membership we did but we couldn't talk turkey. In other words, we couldn't afford it.

Then, my Dad died and of course, you don't take a camera to a funeral! However the next time I wanted to use it, it was not in the usual places. One of these places is our minivan which was purged before the trip down to attend the funeral.

It wasn't in the minivan and ONLY trash had been put out to be taken away, so I took comfort in the fact that it wasn't accidentally discarded. I looked at some secondary places that things usually end up when we purge the luck.

I had it in the back of my mind that it MUST be here someplace and wasn't too panicked, but WHERE? Today, I went so far as to call the Club and explain that no, we weren't members, but did anyone find a camera two months ago while we were mooching the facilities?

The manager is going to call me back tomorrow. However, he doesn't have to because, lo and behold, my son moved his bike just the right way this evening and I saw the arm strap peeking out at me! Here I am! What did I miss? That's right, it was in the garage, which is a dwelling for purged items from the van, but not THAT part of the garage!

So, you will begin to see many photos on this blog VERY soon as my camera and I have reunited!


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