Friday, September 17, 2010

Five Question Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm working my way back into writing regularly in my blog FINALLY!  It's been severly neglected since school started.  I thought I'd jump right back in with "Five Question Friday".

1. What is the first nightmare you remember?
When I was a kid, we had an "above ground pool" that my parents put "in the ground" which I still think was genius.  My first nightmare that I remember was about a giant, green monster that took up the whole pool (I think it was 8 feet across!) and was reaching out for me with his HUGE arms.  He kind of resembled the Jolly Green Giant, but in my dream he was frightening.

2. Even if you're not a sports fan, what's your favorite sport to play/watch
It's hard to pick just one, but if I had to, I would say baseball.  I think it's because I know all of the rules and can follow exactly what they're doing.  I also played softball as a tween for one season.  I stunk but I still had fun!  I also believe that one of the reasons I enjoy watching baseball is the fact that I love the summer.  The beginning of baseball season means summer is right around the corner!

The culture of baseball is fun too (favorite players, favorite teams, the age of the game, the traditional food they serve at games like hot dogs and of course "peanuts and Cracker Jack").

3. If you could pull off one piece of trendy fashion, what would you want it to be (jeggings, hats, thigh high boots, etc.)?

I've always loved leggings so jeggings, I think, would be what I would want to wear if I could pull off one piece of trendy fashion.  I have always loved to dress "artsy" (chunky jewelry, big earrings, high heels, colorful tops, shirt dresses, long shirts and LEGGINGS!).  A few years ago, young girls were wearing leggings with dresses.  I guess they still are.  I wouldn't know because my only girl has recently adopted a tomboy style.  I loved the legging style so much that I tried to see if my daughter would get into it (she didn't shop in the boys' department until this past spring).  She didn't and that's OK.

4. Did you make good grades in school?

Um, well, yes, until I got to high school and then again in graduate school.  In between?  Not so much.  I quickly became overwhelmed by the huge amount of homework that was expected of me.  As my high school career progressed, instead of buckling down more, I got more and more involved with music events (I played the clarinet), social clubs, academic clubs, boys and friends.

The struggle continued in college (more challenges, more distractions, etc.).  However, in graduate school, it became my absolute passion to get straight A's and I did.  Well, except for that ONE B that I got, that I didn't feel I deserved.  The professor decided these feelings were because I wanted straight A's and NOT because he was being unfair.  He was a tool.  He probably still is.

5. What magazines do you subscribe to?

Family Fun and Real Simple.  Together, they keep me from sweating the small stuff and enable me to find fun things to do with my family!  I also subscribe to Parenting: The School Years for other guidance.


Nicki said...

I love "Real Simple" and "Family Fun", too! I once saw a version of Real Simple called Simple Family or something like that, and it was all Real Simple stuff related to family life. I never saw it again, though. Maybe it was just a one time special thing?

Twinsnsingles said...

I also remember that publication. It was great! I believe it is special, perhaps a "free gift" when you renewed your subscription? Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment!

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