Friday, July 16, 2010

Be Back Soon!

Hi Everyone!

I've been flinging so much, I haven't written The Wednesday News yet.  It's coming!!  I promised I'd post a "weird" item I decluttered.  So far, the weirdest is a wooden post on a base.  My mom had given us an Easter Bunny for the holiday.  He/she was mounted on said post.  The post no longer held up said bunny.  I think my boys decided it was some kind of rocket ship.  It was weird though!

Mostly, I've just been having moments of "Wow!  THAT'S where this went." or "HOW did THIS end up in my bedroom?!?" (say, for a bike helmet).

Welcome, new followers!  Be back REALLY soon.  Last day of camp for the kiddos.  :(.


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