Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Wednesday News June 30, 2010

Success! I was finally able to post the videos from yesterday's trip to the lake!
"Mom, watch me do the Statue of Liberty!" A true Malcolm original. You can see the older two in the background and then Harry pops up just below the surface.
Hi everyone! I can't believe it's the last day of June! My kids got out of school really late this year, June 22 to be exact, so the end of this month FLEW by! As you can see, we're having fun so far! Harry
Harry joined his twin brother, older brother and dad on a Cub Scout camping trip this weekend. All of the kids enjoyed a hike, swimming, catching and releasing frogs and camping out in a tent. Also, don't forget a good, old-fashioned hot dog and marshmallow roast with campfire games and spooky stories! My DH was in charge of that and I heard he did a great job. Everyone came back exhausted, but they had a great time.
Same Cub Scout trip, same Bat Channel. He's also been enjoying the lake. I took the boys to see Toy Story 3 in 3-D. In my humble opinion, 3-D is a rip-off. You pay an extra 5 dollars to get the glasses and yes, maybe Buzz Lightyear's laser beam pops out a bit, but that's about it. The kids loved it though.
While we were off enjoying Toy Story 3, I had dropped Lilly off with her Girl Scout troop for their last outing of the year.
(***We interrupt this blog post for some Breaking News....Malcolm has just lost his first tooth! As my identical twins' teeth came in at the same time, so goes the losing of their teeth, same tooth, 14 days after Harry...back to our regularly scheduled part of the post***)
Lilly went rock climbing at an indoor gym. She loved it! We had a very nice time together this weekend, just the two of us. We drove down to see Grandma on Saturday. We went out for lunch and went shopping (just like a trio of girls!). Then it was off to the beach to collect seashells and swim.
On our way home, we picked up one of Lilly's best friends for a sleepover. I figured I could handle two ten-year-olds without my husband, but these girls are really something else when they're together. Sure, they fell asleep right away, but then they were up at 3am to make homemade ice cream (since we were out of it) and then up again at 6am to take showers. Well, at least Lilly got a shower in and didn't have to do it that night.I tried to take the girls back to the rock climbing gym, but I messed up on the paperwork that Lilly's friend's mom had to sign (i.e. sign her life away in case there's an injury or know, no big deal...). So, I paid $14 for Lilly to climb for a 1/2 hour and then took the girls to see Shrek. Again in 3-D, again a rip-off. Hey, I got to see two movies in three days though! Malcolm As you saw in the video, Malcolm has made up his own game where he falls into the water. First, I thought he was trying to be "The Little Teapot" with the spout, but then he explained he was a statue, more specifically, the Statue of Liberty. The kids so love to swim. What a great way to use their energy in the summer! Notice I say "use" their energy. NOTHING but NOTHING tires them out! Mom I've been having a blast going to the beach and to the movies! I feel like I have adjusted to having the kids home and I'm now ready to really lay down some rules. I just bought a chart for the kids to earn "points" and track their progress.They also have ways to "earn" extra points by choosing "above and beyond" tasks. Andy, for instance, put ALL of our groceries on the conveyor belt for me on Monday. Lilly helped me put it ALL away when we got home. Although they were not told to do these things (am I lucky or WHAT?!?), I told them that they'd be rewarded for doing extra things.With their points, the kids can "cash" them in for a small amount of money, but they also have to use their points to watch TV, play DS or go on the computer. This part is still a work in progress. I'm trying not to make it too complicated for myself or them.
Dad He did a great job with all the boys on the trip this weekend! I was very proud of him and grateful as it gave me a big break from having all four at home. I heard the campfire activities and ghost stories were a success. He worked very hard on those. Back to work on Monday. I am so lucky that he works so hard so I can make all of these memories with our kids in the meantime.We also had our 14th anniversary as I previously posted. We're going to plan a date night to celebrate. Weeknights are tough, but at least we acknowledged the date! Here are some recent fun times! Father's Day, Birthday (that's Malcolm) and once again, the lake (pretty sure that's Harry on the right, but even a mother has trouble in photos sometimes!)


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