Friday, March 19, 2010

Groundhog was Right!

Punxsutawney Phil was spot on, 6 weeks after Groundhog Day, here is the spring he predicted.

I don't need a groundhog to tell me that though. See, I live in New England. Here, people are their OWN groundhogs! In other words, we peek out of our little dens, we don't see our shadow and out we go in full force! However, we don't do it on February 2. (TOO COLD! Are you kidding me?) Our personal Groundhog Day varies from year-to-year depending on Mother Nature's whims.

Seriously, yesterday, EVERYONE was outside! It had reached 70 degrees! I saw strollers, babies, toddlers, grandmas, crocuses, people eating ice cream cones, motorcycles, convertible cars, classic cars (that you woudn't DARE drive around here in the winter. You'll ruin them AND most are rear-wheel drive which stinks in the snow), subwoofers shaking cars (and my car next to them at red lights), bees, sunroofs open, people in shorts, sandals and yes, even WHITE SHOES BEFORE MEMORIAL DAY! (In my mother's day, this was a fashion faux pas.)

There's something special about the first signs of spring in New England. It's like everyone is coming alive! People are practically jumping into their outdoor swimming pools (before they're open for the season...ewww!)! It's like we've NEVER seen warm weather before in our lives!

Yes, the novelty wears off. We keep having fun all spring and all summer, but it's nothing like the first few days of nice weather! We do start taking it for granted and then the complaints start up again around September or October until we're forced to adjust again. Can you blame us?

My kids also rediscover their scooters, bikes, baseball gloves, daily baths and skinned knees. My kids do play outside all year round, but they've been bitten by the same they can't remember the last time they could take off their jackets and wear crocodile shoes!

Our winters are long here. We're one of those weird families that enjoy winter, but most people around here live for spring. However, it's still New England. This is the place with the reputation "If you don't like the weather, wait 10 minutes and it'll change." So, I'm not planting anything just yet. There could be, no there WILL be another frost...maybe more snow! You just never know.

I am loving it just as much as the next person, but I'm still in winter mode (to clarify, I'm still wearing winter colors and still hiding under long pants.) I guess I gotta catch up! Ooh! I think I hear the ice cream truck!


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