Thursday, December 24, 2009

So behind, but OK with it!

Every year, I resolve to wrap my Christmas presents early. Every year, my husband and I are up until the wee hours doing it. My two older ones no longer believe in Santa Claus, so we don't fret as much about a child sneaking down into the basement office where we're working. Now, it's only a 50% chance that someone who catches us will be a believer. The sleep deprivation is worth the look on their faces Christmas morning. After all, there were no gifts under the tree when they turned into bed!

I dread that part since I can't stay up that late anymore without significant pain, but I've been so calm about Christmas this year! I shopped online early enough that I didn't have to worry about paying through the nose for expedited shipping. I also did a little at a time and stayed focused at the stores. I think I even stayed within my budget for a change!

So, I must go clear off the table for tonight's family dinner. We have adopted a tradition from my husband's family. We give each other ornaments and giftwrap them on Christmas eve. During dinner, we each open our packages and hang them on the tree. We always eat dinner in the dining room too. Right now, said table is full of greeting cards from our friends (that I mostly sorted and displayed!), school papers, bills, Star Wars Legos and the cordless phone amongst other things.

However, tonight there will be candles, scented pinecones, sparkling grape juice (only two of us are old enough to drink wine) and spaghetti. A simple, yet wonderful dinner that makes memories for us every year. Hopefully, I will put up our Nativity Set that belongs on the table next to it. Since I cheated and bought store-bought cookie dough, I might have a shot at putting it up before dinner!

I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas. Keep Christ in Christmas. For those who celebrate other holidays, I hope you had a beautiful Hannakuh and I would love to hear what other traditions people have for Christmas or other holidays!

God Bless.


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